Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Satan's remorse....

Stay away from me, for I’m the hellish fire.

Stay away from me, for I’m the death of desire

Stay away from me, for I breathe sorrows

Stay away from me, for I plague your ‘morrows.

You loath me in daylight and smooch me at midnight,

Slurps all the hatred and sin for own good.

You pray on your knees, to confess your sins,

To empty your sack of rotten garbage.

You fake all these tears and mock the great Lord,

To escape the wrath of the lord of the hell.

Never-o-never, had I asked you to sin??

I warned you, I told you that pain lay ahead,

I told you my duty—to put you in hell.

For the pain of denial, of what you desire,

You did all those deeds, on the terms we agreed.

The blame is yours for the choice you made,

The blame is yours, for you dug your grave.

You will suffer, in the land of the dead,

You will be damned to the wrath of the hell.

Hear-o-hear, give an ear,

All you, yet to make a choice,

I, the generous lord of the hell,

I, call upon you, warn you…..

Stay away from me, the abode of sins,

Stay away from me, for you dread infinite misery.

Stay away from me, save your souls.

Stay away from me……..

Save me from remorse……