Tuesday, July 3, 2012

nothing but...

"understanding is just misunderstanding the falsehood....
love is just hating the vestigial..
mistake is just righteous blind decisions..
desperation is finding someones delight..."

nothing is wrong, nothing is right
nothing is worth this goddamn fight,
fear is right, might is right,
nothing comes free, you pay your price...

values dont exist, if they dont persist.
heart is all you can talk,
mind is all u can have..
brain is all u can think.

breakout of your shell,
start from where you fell,
there's no need to fight,
and dont be polite..
for you need to start in  a different light...

life may be all but  chaos.. life may seem all but pain.
dont halt, dont look back..just believe, and move on..
for life is all but about moving on...

1 comment:

Athul G Satheesh said...

very simple language, but the message conveyed is good.. :)
cheers buddy :)