Friday, January 3, 2014

Devil grief and the past...

devil, grief and the past...

there was a vibe, a spark after long.
touched on the freeze and wood blazed to life,
nothing stood there to bear the heat
No one was there to bless the light.
No fireflies to burn to death (thankfully)
and no cold beasts to breath the warmth
it burned and burned as it had wished,
for itself, than for someone's delight.
never had it burned to save one from freeze,
so had it been just for a tease?
never o never will you ever  know,
for all you ever do- raze them to death.

you remember the spark that ignite your past,
you cherish the moment u charmed her real fast,
you watched as you wept fire on her lap,
you kissed her so fast that she turned to fly ash.

then there was the vow to burn for yourself,
to burn all those heat till you run out of  wood.
you burn  your body as you burn your soul,
you burn in the bliss that you are alone.

so you burn now,  in the solitary woods
with no one to care and no one to burn,
the spark just vanishes as it had come,
the cold wood just crack as it wakes up to flame.

flame, fire, heat, bliss.... i just moved on.....

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